Survivors call for action to find Scotland’s missing victims ahead of historic abuse inquiry


Dave Sharp, survivor and spokesperson for SAFE, is campaigning for justice


3 days ago


SURVIVORS of historic sexual abuse are today making a plea for more to be done to find Scotland’s missing abuse victims.

Seek and Find Everyone Abused in Childhood, also known as SAFE, has made the call to action with only two weeks left before the formal inquiry into historic abuse starts taking evidence.

SAFE, a group of survivors who have set aside their own time and money to campaign on this issue, want to send a message to all those survivors who are too afraid to speak out.

Survivor and spokesperson for SAFE, Dave Sharp, said: “We understand that victims are looking for like-minded people to connect with. Survivors are looking for people who understand their vulnerabilities and uncertainties and SAFE wants to help them find a path to justice and to have their…

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Charity boss GUILTY of possessing CSA images. His excuse.. A HACKER DID IT



A CHARITY boss has been placed on the sex register despite claiming child pornography images found on his computer had been put there by hackers.

William Wood told a court his laptop had been targeted by crooks who downloaded the indecent images of children as young as four-years-old to the device before then deleting them.

Retired IT expert Wood said he had no knowledge of the disgusting images – some at the most serious end of the scale – when police raided his home in December 2015.

The 61-year-old, who ran African child education charity The Dignity Project, said his Twitter and bank accounts had previously been targeted by criminals.

He added the horrific pictures must have been downloaded to his computer without his knowledge.

But Wood was deemed to be lying when a jury unanimously found him guilty of two charges of possessing and downloading indecent of images…

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Barrie Trower interviewed young offenders in 70’s abused by VIP’s

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I rarely get the chance to listen to radio shows or watch videos, however this is one I have listened to and recommend it to others.

Barrie Trower interviewed young offenders in 1967-78 abused by VIP’s as part of his job to identify powerful people who may be subject to blackmail by the KGB. There were about 20 people who did what he did.

Barrie says that the vast majority of high level paedophiles were from Eton, Harrow, Oxford, Cambridge and Freemasons

Richie Allen with Barrie Trower “I Interviewed Young Offenders In The 60’s/70’s Who Were Abused By VIP Politicians.” [1] 

He does say that paedophiles always stayed in power see c.22 mins

He thought of 3 scenarios why this should be so, which appeared to be

1. They were kept in place to identify any KGB spies trying to blackmail them

2. Blackmailed by MI5 for more…

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